About Us

Driving lessons

Lesson One

 Students become familiar with the vehicle and the instructor.  Students start out on secondary roads highlighting right and left turns, and  they practice maneuverability.  

Lesson Two
Students will begin to drive on main roads and practice lane changes.  They will also do turnarounds, parking, and they will practice maneuverability.

Lesson Three

Students will practice entering and exiting the highway.  They will also practice turnabouts, parking techniques, and maneuverability.

Lesson Four

Students will practice country driving and driving techniques that need reinforced.  We will work on directions, finding addresses, and maneuverability.

Who we are

When you call our phone number, you will reach John McClure the owner and operator of Complete Stop Driving School.  If he is on another call you will be connected with the voice mail where you can leave a message containing your NAME, YOUR PHONE NUMBER, and the BEST TIME to reach you.  Please leave a clear message so we can return your call as soon as possible.

Reminder to Parents:

Students that have scheduled appointments with their instructors need to notify their in-car instructors directly with any scheduling changes.  These changes need to occur 24 hours in advance or your student will be charged a cancellation fee of $25.00.